Evaluation 7


Evaluation 6

Technology used


I used a lot of different softwares during the production of my production.


Premier Elements -from this I learnt editing skills which helped with the audio in my film, putting the music in the right place, putting the scenes together how I wanted them to be. I also gained a new perspective on editing as I learnt to use techniques such as changing the volume in clips to amplify the important scenes in the film.


WordPress – I used WordPress to keep all of the information and points on my checklist in the right order; it was useful because it meant I could keep track of what blog post I was on, how I could change the date and time of blogs so that they were in order and it also was helpful as my teacher has a blog that I could relate some of my posts to and could get inspiration from my teacher.


YouTube – This was used for uploading the films that I created so that I could put them on my blog. It is also a quick and easy way  to research any topic and has instant free access on every aspect I wanted to investigate


Word – I used word as it is a simple tool to use for writing a script and it meant I could give a copy of it to the actors and I could also copy and paste images onto a document so that it could be posted onto my blog.